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Official mirrors at KRAKEN ONION

When a new resource appears that does not demonstrate high attendance, few people are interested in its life, because there are many such sites and they do not pose any danger to giant resources. Another thing is when attendance begins to grow and popularity is gaining momentum. This is what happened to the Kraken. The trading platform was created not so long ago and did not attract envious glances for a short time. However, thanks to its stylish design, convenient functionality, reliable data protection and, of course, a wide range of products, it has taken the lead among darknet marketplaces. Now, competitors are trying to destroy it with all their might and shut down law enforcement agencies. Both of them regularly make dDos attacks on the Kraken site, leading to a temporary blocking of the site. In order not to wait for the repair of the trading platform, buyers can use the mirrors of the Kraken.

What are Kraken mirrors

A mirror is a copy of the main site, which is located at a different address. They have the same look and feel as the main site. Using the mirror mekck2mf2uju3ssjl2woyddfrunwcnevfql3imp4tfr3z6wmjmo4jvid.onion or some other that can be found on the Internet, you will not even notice that you are using a non-main site.